Environmental Law

Hurrell Cantrall LLP’s environmental litigation practice has been an intrinsic part of the firm since the firm’s inception. Our attorneys have developed specialized knowledge in the area of environmental law. In particular, throughout our 30 year history, the firm has become well-versed in the intricacies of federal and state statutes, as well as regulations and case law, pertinent to environmental issues. In addition, we understand the technical and scientific issues underlying such cases and have developed a network of some of the most renown geologists, industrial hygienist, hydrologists, toxicologists, and physicians.

We have handled complex environmental law cases in both state and federal courts involving numerous plaintiffs, in a wide range of environmental issues, from air pollution and groundwater contamination to exposure to mold and chemicals. We have defended and advised public and private entities in claims of personal injury, property damage, diminution of property values, and wrongful death.

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