Products Liability and Toxic Torts

During our more than 30 year history, Hurrell Cantrall LLP and its predecessor firms have defended multi-national corporations in simple and complex litigation involving products liability.  In particular, we have been extensively involved in the defense of claims for personal injury and wrongful death due to alleged toxic exposure to asbestos, benzene, mold, paint, airborne particles, and dietary supplements (such as Phen-Fen).

Our firm has represented manufacturers and distributors of a wide variety of products, including agricultural, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, and paint products, as well as hand tools, medical devices, and other products alleged to have been defectively designed and manufactured.

In addition, our attorneys have developed specialized expertise in the area of lemon law.  We have represented and defended numerous automobile manufacturers in such cases, many resulting in early resolution through negotiations.

Illustrative Cases

  • A plaintiff sued a paint manufacturer alleging toxic exposure to benzene from paint caused his leukemia.  The trial judge granted out motion for summary judgment, finding that the paint was not a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s disease.
  • Employees sued the owner of their office building after a series of plumbing leaks and floods allegedly exposed them to toxic mold.  Plaintiffs also alleged that such exposure caused them to suffer numerous injuries, including asthma, memory loss, fatigue, Hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis.  At trial, the jury found no credible evidence of causation.
  • Defense prevailed after a two-week trial alleging that chemicals manufactured by our client caused an aerospace employee to contract Systemic Sclerosis, a fatal disease of the nervous system.  We successfully argued that there was no demonstrably causal connection between the chemical and the disease.
  • An aerospace worker was allegedly exposed to 1,1,1 trichlorethane developed Scleroderma and died.  The family sued the manufacturer.  We obtained a defense verdict on the basis of plaintiff’s lack of scientific evidence demonstrating that the product caused the disease.



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