Professional Malpractice

Professional malpractice has long been a cornerstone of the firm’s practice.  We have successfully defended hospitals, medical schools, dental schools, pharmacy schools, nursing homes, extended care facilities, as well as individual physicians, pharmacists, chiropractors, podiatrist, and dentists.  Our attorneys regularly defend clients in matters involving patient care and treatment, including alleged negligence during surgery, and the alleged failure to properly diagnose, medicate, and monitor patients.

We have also been involved in matters relating to claims of medical instrumentation and mechanical support malfunctions, as well as issues involving organizational management and oversight.

Illustrative Cases

  • Court grants dismissal and awards costs after a surgeon removed a missing pace-maker guide-wire during a routine battery replacement seven years after installation.  The patient sued for negligence, batter, and lack of informed consent.    On behalf of the defendants, we moved for a dismissal after six weeks of testimony on the grounds that consent for the current procedure encompassed removal of the wire.  The Court granted the dismissal and awarded costs to the defendant.
  • Plaintiff alleged injuries and excessive scarring following a Tummy Tuck procedure. Defense verdict was in favor of the plastic surgeon, who was also awarded unpaid surgical fees on a cross-complaint.
  • Obtained summary judgments for cardio-thoracic surgeons and internists in the face of the inference of negligence (res ipsa loquitur) and product liability/medical device malfunctioning.
  • Verdict in favor of a physician in a multi-million dollar case where the plaintiff alleged he suffered from the effects of a devastating stroke due to the physician’s failure to provide blood-thinning agents.
  • Defense verdict awarded to an emergency room physician who was accused of failing to diagnose a ruptured spleen following a car accident.  At trial, we were able to exclude evidence that the physician also failed to diagnose a fractured clavicle and rib.

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