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Defense Verdict in Law Enforcement Liability Case Brought by a Professor

June 13, 2014

Plaintiff, a professor at a community college, filed a 25 cause of action complaint against a number of defendants, including various ranks of law enforcement personnel.  In short, the plaintiff claimed he was unlawfully arrested under the Fourth Amendment and retaliated against for the exercise of his rights under the First Amendment at the Sheriff’s station located on the campus of the community college.  After the filing of dispositive motions, the matter was reduced to three causes of action.  During the first trial, the jurors unanimously found the force used by the Deputies to arrest the plaintiff was reasonable and not excessive.  As to the plaintiff’s claims of false arrest and retaliation, the jury hung, we tried these claims once again.  At the second trial, the jury returned with a unanimous verdict in favor of the defendants on both causes of action after two hours of deliberation.  We obtained a judgment for costs, and assisted in the collection of the judgment.