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General Liability

Hurrell Cantrall LLP has substantial experience handling general liability cases of all types.

We have defended various clients, from retail organizations and individual property owners involved in personal injury claims, to individuals and corporate entities in cases involving motor vehicle negligence, premises liability, and intentional torts.  Our aggressive approach to defending all cases has consistently led to defense verdicts, dismissals, and nominal settlements.

The firm’s defense of general liability cases is renown throughout California, largely due to a consistent success rate for a well known commercial and industrial client base.  We represent clients on behalf of some of the most successful insurers in the nation, and have done so for many years.  We have also represented national supermarket and department store enterprises in their general liability and premises liability cases.

Our very stable and consistently held client base is due to an impressive success rate and an endeavor to provide superior legal services at a reasonable cost.  Simply put, we strive for excellent results balanced by a cost-effective defense.

Illustrative Cases

  • Defense verdict in a case where an elderly plaintiff sought over $500,000 in damages due to a broken hip sustained when she fell after bumping into a flat-bed cart in a grocery store back room.  The jury agreed that the lighting was adequate in the area and that the plaintiff could have seen and avoided the flat-bed cart had she been more attentive to her surroundings.  

  • Defense verdict in a rear-end collision.  The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against an individual and its employee after he rear-ended the plaintiff’s vehicle.  The plaintiff claimed he sustained traumatic brain injuries and injuries to his neck and back, and general damages as well as damages for wage loss, loss of use of property, hospital and medical expenses, and loss of earning capacity.  At the jury trial, plaintiff asked for over $2 million.  We obtained a defense verdict.    

  • Defense verdict after two-week trial in a case against a grocery chain, its customer and a yogurt manufacturer after an elderly woman slipped and fell on spilled yogurt, sustaining a subdural hematoma and shattered shoulder requiring open reduction and internal fixation.  The yogurt manufacturer settled before the trial.  Plaintiff asked the jury to award $1.8 million.  The jury found in favor of our client-grocery chain, agreeing that our client had used reasonable procedures to inspect and maintain the floors prior to the incident, and had no actual or constructive knowledge of the condition causing the incident.

  • Plaintiff shopper was injured by a box falling off a shelf in one of defendants’ retail-warehouse stores, and claimed damages exceeding $ 1 million.  Jury found liability on the part of the defendant, but awarded the plaintiff $5,000. Defendant had made a previous settlement offer greater than $5,000, which resulted in a net verdict of zero after the defense was awarded costs.

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